Thursday, January 18th, 2018

We all know that health care doesn’t grow on trees. Falsely advertising Medicare as providing access to health care for all based on “need and not ability to pay” doesn’t change the underlying fact that medical goods and services cost money. Ironically, this single slogan has successfully swayed patients and doctors into buying socialized medicine. […]

I’ve invested a great deal of time and money into my health. I try to buy more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. I workout with a personal trainer at a local gym to keep my weight down and my body toned. My goal is to stay as healthy as possible and I’m willing […]

The government of Saskatchewan is choosing 86 patients with multiple sclerosis from a pool of more than 650 applicants hoping for a spot in a US clinical trial for the Liberation Treatment. Since its debut in 2009, many Canadian MS patients have travelled thousands of miles and paid thousands of dollars to access this treatment in the […]

One of Saskatchewan’s former premiers, Roy Romanow, recently spoke out about the federal government’s plans regarding future health care funding for Canadian provinces. With limits being set on the federal dollars available for health care, provinces will be forced to explore and expand alternatives to government delivery of medical services. Romanow’s staunch defence of a universal, government-run health […]

Ask someone who is waiting for a test or surgery, or who cannot find a family doctor what is wrong with Canadian health care and they will say “access”. Ask a patient who has experienced its medical failings and they will say “accountability”. A doctor, nurse or other health care provider will tell you it’s […]

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