Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Health authorities in the Canadian health care system often tell us that patients who really need diagnostic tests get access to them right away. Last month a patient in British Columbia was told he would have to wait months on a list for a colonoscopy. A week after Roman Cremonese filed a suit in small claims court […]

Recent media coverage on critical incidents involving two patients in Manitoba is raising questions about the standard of care provided to patients in hospitals. In 2008 Jacqueline Johnson’s bowel was perforated during surgery at Seven Oaks Hospital in Winnipeg. In 2011 Kim Bernshine’s  bowel was perforated during surgery at St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg. In both of these […]

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health website has a diagram showing the ten steps patients take on their path through diagnostic imaging in the public health care system. I decided to take a different path. During an appointment with my family doctor I told her that I was willing and able to leave the province to access a […]

If you’re a drug addict who wants a clean needle and a supervised injection site where you can shoot up your body with drugs; you have Insite in British Columbia. If you’re a prostitute who wants the security of a house from which to sell your body for sex; you’ll soon have brothels in Ontario. […]

Alice Little retired from teaching more than twenty years ago. Since that time she has learned some important lessons about the Canadian health care system. Her patient experiences run the gamut from serving time on waiting lists for surgeries to surviving terminal cancer. Like many senior citizens in Canada, she worries about the state of […]

Ask someone who is waiting for a test or surgery, or who cannot find a family doctor what is wrong with Canadian health care and they will say “access”. Ask a patient who has experienced its medical failings and they will say “accountability”. A doctor, nurse or other health care provider will tell you it’s […]

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