Sunday, February 25th, 2018

This month Medicare supporters are celebrating the anniversary of one of the most widely recognized social programs in our country. Fifty years ago health care in Saskatchewan became a socialized commodity to be bought and sold by government under the banner of Medicare. Warnings about the dangers of socialized medicine came from doctors and patients […]

My body starts convulsing; my blood pressure continues to drop. I’m exhausted and weak. This is it I think to myself. I’m not going to make it. There’s a call for help and a doctor rushes into the room. Her voice booms orders as she takes control of the situation, “OK guys, ABCs,” she says […]

Last week the Canadian Medical Association released its Voices into Action report summarizing the feedback it received at its public town halls on Medicare. The same three questions provided a framework for discussion at each of the six town halls. The first question asked about broadening the Canada Health Act, the second about good value […]

The Canadian Medical Association partnered with L’actualité magazine to host a town hall discussing the future of Medicare on June 2, 2011, in La Prairie, Quebec. Panelists included the heads of the Quebec Medical Association, the Quebec Federation of Senior Citizens (FADOQ), the Council for the Protection of Patients, and the Priority Cancer Coalition. Some […]

Last week I attended the Vancouver town hall on rebuilding Medicare. It’s one of five public events, make that six with the recent addition of Québec City, being hosted by the Canadian Medical Association and Maclean’s magazine. Many people, including some doctors and nurses, are calling for an expansion of Medicare to provide coverage for […]

The Canadian Medical Association and Maclean’s magazine held a town hall in Toronto on March 1, 2011, to discuss rebuilding Medicare. The remaining ones will be held in Edmonton, Vancouver, and lastly, Ottawa also home to the first SOS Medicare conference in 1979. It’s hard to believe that more than three decades have passed and we are still looking for ways […]

Did you watch the live broadcast of the Canadian Medical Association’s town hall held on January 26, 2011, in Halifax, Nova Scotia?  First of all, the title of the event “Health Care in Canada: Time to Rebuild Medicare” makes me wonder how many members of Canadian Doctors for Medicare are sitting on the organizing committee. I thought […]

The Canadian Medical Association in partnership with Maclean’s magazine is holding a number of public town halls titled “Health Care in Canada: Time to Rebuild Medicare”. The public is invited to attend these events and join some of Canada’s leading health professionals to discuss Canadian health care reform. The first event is scheduled for January 26, […]

The Canadian government talks a good talk when it comes to preventative health care but let’s face it, in order to be preventative it has to be timely. My husband Cameron lost his father to esophageal cancer last year. With a family history of cancer and symptoms of heartburn he decides to see his doctor about […]

The Globe and Mail newspaper is featuring a series of articles on Canadian health care. I find the online comments to these articles most interesting. Many people are defending our current health care system based on the political promises of Medicare and not the realities facing Canadian patients. Here’s a quick reality check: Equal access based […]

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