Sunday, February 25th, 2018

An editorial on Parking-centred health care recently appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Dr. Rajendra Kale, a neurologist in Ottawa, shares his views about the unfairness of patients having to pay for parking while at the hospital. He believes that parking fees are a barrier to health care and can interfere with the quality […]

When it comes to issues of patient safety, Alice Little isn’t afraid to ask tough questions. She’s determined to “fight on for others caught in an increasingly strange web where the Patient, for whom the system exists, counts least of all.” In today’s video clip Alice Little talks about transparency and accountability in Canadian health care. You can […]

Is your health and quality of life important to you? Are you tired of waiting on lists for medical care? Me too. Once upon a time Canadian patients sought access to high-quality medical care in hospitals. These days, patients are encouraged to avoid hospitals in which staff and bed shortages make lengthy ER waits and […]

Last week I attended the Vancouver town hall on rebuilding Medicare. It’s one of five public events, make that six with the recent addition of Québec City, being hosted by the Canadian Medical Association and Maclean’s magazine. Many people, including some doctors and nurses, are calling for an expansion of Medicare to provide coverage for […]

Did you watch the live broadcast of the Canadian Medical Association’s town hall held on January 26, 2011, in Halifax, Nova Scotia?  First of all, the title of the event “Health Care in Canada: Time to Rebuild Medicare” makes me wonder how many members of Canadian Doctors for Medicare are sitting on the organizing committee. I thought […]

The Canadian Medical Association in partnership with Maclean’s magazine is holding a number of public town halls titled “Health Care in Canada: Time to Rebuild Medicare”. The public is invited to attend these events and join some of Canada’s leading health professionals to discuss Canadian health care reform. The first event is scheduled for January 26, […]

Three’s a crowd when government prohibits you from spending your own money on health care. In Canada, our provincial and territorial governments decide which medically necessary services will be paid for and how patients can access them. It’s true that the party paying the bill gets to call the shots. The Saskatchewan government recently contracted […]

A year after the death of her mother Frances, Mimi and Blake found that many of their questions were left unanswered and their concerns about the pitfalls of Manitoba’s Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) dismissed. They soon realized that a twofold approach would be needed to achieve their goals of finding answers and improving the […]

The world famous Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization that owns medical facilities in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida, received much attention during the 2009 health care reform debates in the United States. President Obama praised them for delivering high quality, efficient health care and hailed them as a model to be duplicated across the nation. This shining example […]

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