Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Katrina Baier was working as a health and fitness consultant when she was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2003. She already knew about the importance of diet, exercise and stress reduction in helping manage disease. At age 28, she wasn’t about to let MS get the best of her without a fight. Over the […]

Is your health and quality of life important to you? Are you tired of waiting on lists for medical care? Me too. Once upon a time Canadian patients sought access to high-quality medical care in hospitals. These days, patients are encouraged to avoid hospitals in which staff and bed shortages make lengthy ER waits and […]

The Globe and Mail newspaper is featuring a series of articles on Canadian health care. I find the online comments to these articles most interesting. Many people are defending our current health care system based on the political promises of Medicare and not the realities facing Canadian patients. Here’s a quick reality check: Equal access based […]

The CTV news program W5 recently aired “Silent Treatment” a story about the struggles encountered by two Newfoundland families trying to access medical information following the death of a family member. I believe many Canadian patients and their families can readily identify with this story. Situations involving medical errors and access to medical information are occurring […]

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), representing the interests of more than 72,000 members nationally, released its latest policy document titled “Health Care Transformation in Canada: Change that Works. Care that Lasts.” Many of the recommendations contained in the document are not new. For almost a decade the CMA has been advocating for the development of a […]

The world famous Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization that owns medical facilities in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida, received much attention during the 2009 health care reform debates in the United States. President Obama praised them for delivering high quality, efficient health care and hailed them as a model to be duplicated across the nation. This shining example […]

Two patient cases receiving media attention in recent months serve to illustrate the true impact of our single-payer health care system on the personal health care decisions of Canadians.  Isaac and Rebecka May have obtained a court injunction temporarily stopping the Alberta government from pulling the plug on medical care for their infant son. The Mays received a letter on January […]

Many questions are being raised about Danny Williams’ choice to have heart surgery performed in the United States. If he were not the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador his choice would amount to nothing more than another number added to the growing list of Canadians leaving the country for medical care. The truth is that this […]

In June 2009, we visit my in-laws on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They are avid golfers who enjoy playing the game daily. So my husband and I don’t think much about it when his father Lyall is experiencing indigestion and has trouble swallowing his food. He tells us that his doctor is treating him […]

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that a man who has undergone brain surgery needs to remain in hospital for more than two days. Especially if he is already considered to be a high-risk patient due to pre-existing conditions including blindness and heart problems. The Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba tried […]

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