Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Perhaps you are a relatively healthy person and therefore feel little need to concern yourself with the plight of patients and doctors featured in news headlines across the country. Like a majority of Canadians you tend to believe that when you have a serious injury or illness that our health care system will provide the best medical […]

The world famous Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization that owns medical facilities in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida, received much attention during the 2009 health care reform debates in the United States. President Obama praised them for delivering high quality, efficient health care and hailed them as a model to be duplicated across the nation. This shining example […]

Patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a debilitating disease affecting the central nervous system, held rallies at a number of legislative buildings across the country on May 5th to voice their concerns about access to a new experimental treatment. Italian vascular surgeon Dr. Paolo Zamboni believes there is a link between MS and what he […]

Many Canadians think that our health care system, more affectionately known as Medicare, is a fair system. This is supported by the belief that a government-run health care system serves the “public good” by allotting medical care based on “need” rather than “ability to pay”. In theory, a health care system serving the collective “public good” sounds […]

What is preventing the necessary changes for improving the Canadian health care system? It is fear. Patients are afraid to speak out for fear of being denied access to care. Health care providers fear losing their jobs or being professionally ostracized. Health care policy-makers and decision-makers are afraid of losing their political power. This fear […]

Ask someone who is waiting for a test or surgery, or who cannot find a family doctor what is wrong with Canadian health care and they will say “access”. Ask a patient who has experienced its medical failings and they will say “accountability”. A doctor, nurse or other health care provider will tell you it’s […]

In June 2006, I survived an adverse event in a hospital while giving birth to my daughter. In the weeks that followed my condition continued to deteriorate. A lack of accessibility and accountability in the Canadian health care system forced me to become my own patient advocate. Thanks to the internet, I was able find […]

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