Sunday, January 21st, 2018

The room is filled with law students. I take a seat at one of the long tables. Today’s public presentation at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law is called A Constitutional Right to Private Health Care? Darcy Allen is here to tell us why he is legally challenging the Alberta Government’s monopoly on health […]

Today our health care remains a hostage of politicians and bureaucrats who use it as a bargaining tool for elections and contract negotiations. It was an easy take; we gave up our freedom for the promised security of Medicare. We allowed a government social program to transform the work of doctors and the health of […]

If you’re a drug addict who wants a clean needle and a supervised injection site where you can shoot up your body with drugs; you have Insite in British Columbia. If you’re a prostitute who wants the security of a house from which to sell your body for sex; you’ll soon have brothels in Ontario. […]

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