Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Contract disputes and strikes are commonplace in universal health care systems throughout the world whether it’s Canada, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Greece, South Africa or India. Wherever government controls access to doctors and hospitals you’ll find patients who are caught in the middle of disputes over rising prices and declining quality. Here in Canada, contract negotiations between […]

Recent media coverage of the case of a young boy in Ontario is causing some Canadians to question the fairness of Canada’s universal health care system. Two boys in Ontario are suffering from a rare disease. The provincial government is paying for one of these children to receive out-of-country medical care but refuses to pay for the other. Liam Reid’s mother […]

My family decided to recognize Canada’s first Healthy Me Week (June 4 to 10) by walking to our local park. According to the website of Concerned Children’s Advertisers, “This week is all about motivating and inspiring Canadian kids and their families to take action on their health.” Childhood obesity is becoming a big health concern […]

People from countries around the world gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2002 to advocate for the right of individuals to access information held by government and for greater government transparency. Their efforts are now internationally recognized on Right to Know Day held annually on September 28th. Canada is celebrating Right to Know Day as part […]

“I’d like to tell you about Madeleine and who she was as a person. Can I do that?” asked widower Ed Mendoza. “Yes, tell me about her. I’d like to hear more about her,” I said. And so begins the story of Madeleine Mendoza’s untimely death. She enjoyed talking to everyone she met and was […]

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