Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

The contract between Dr. Stephen Duckett and Alberta Health Services is now terminated. Dr. Duckett came from Australia to assume the position of president and chief executive officer of the health superboard in March 2009. On November 19, 2010 after an urgent meeting about reducing emergency wait times he chose to continue eating his cookie rather than speak to […]

The government of Alberta is feeling the heat after halting bankruptcy proceedings against a private surgical facility in Calgary. The Health Resource Centre (HRC), owned by Networc Health Inc., performed about 1,000 orthopaedic surgeries for the government in 2009. Anticipating future increases in its government surgical contract, the HRC entered into a lease agreement with the […]

Asking Canadians if they are getting value for their money when it comes to spending on health care is like asking a blind person if they can see better when the room light is turned on or off. We are forcibly made oblivious to the specific costs of medical services we receive in Canada. This […]

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