Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Canada wasn’t the first country to examine the rate of adverse events in its hospitals, but it did learn a thing or two from those already on the road to patient safety. From the outset of the Canadian Adverse Events Study, its funding bodies and researchers worked with health care stakeholders to enable them to […]

Doctors in British Columbia recently passed a resolution at a meeting of their provincial medical association calling for a ban on mixed martial arts fights in Canada. They plan on taking this resolution to the annual general meeting of the Canadian Medical Association later this month. If it’s passed, members will begin lobbying the federal […]

Patient safety is a hot topic in Canada and one that often leaves our politicians scrambling to maintain some semblance of action. They do so by creating more federal, provincial and territorial agencies and programs. Many of these government-funded initiatives are set-up as independent (arm’s length) non-profit organizations. Perhaps the biggest endeavour to date is […]

Are you curious about what happens to survivors of adverse events in the Canadian health care system? Some focus on the future trying to leave what happened to them in the past so that they can adjust to their new sense of normalcy and once again begin enjoying their life. Others become determined to drive […]

According to the Canadian Adverse Events Study (2004), an estimated 185,000 hospital admissions are associated with adverse events each year resulting in the deaths of 24,000 Canadians annually. Around 70,000 of these adverse events are deemed to be preventable. You’ve gone to the hospital for emergency medical treatment or surgery. You suffer an adverse event […]

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