Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Patient Safety Advocates Talk About the Bureaucracy in Canadian Health Care


Sisters Leslie Worthington and Val Lee had many questions surrounding the medical care their father John received prior to his death. The search for answers would lead their family through a bureaucratic maze, one that is replicated throughout the Canadian health care system.

In today’s video clips Leslie Worthington and Val Lee talk about the bureaucracy of regional health authorities in the Canadian health care system. You can read more about their story here.



3 Responses to “Patient Safety Advocates Talk About the Bureaucracy in Canadian Health Care”
  1. Middle men, bureaucrats, politicians etc all fall into one category….MediCrats! That stands for healthcare bean counters who rule your healhcare. They simply add administrative costs, and extend waiting lists, and add to bureaucracy.
    We are bringing about 2 Canadians a week to the US for medical care bypassing waiting lists and getting fair market prices for them at http://www.MediBid.ca. As a matter of fact, I left Canada because my wife was crippled by a 2.5 year wait for surgery

  2. Lee Kurisko says:

    These ladies don’t quite get it. They see the problem but do not understand that the fundamental problem is socialism ie. control moved away from the individual and into the hands of a third party (usually government but the US, also the large insurance companies). The alternative to bureaucracy and socialism is a free market in which INDIVIDUALS control the flow of dollars based upon their own choices. THE ENTIRE CANADIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE ABANDONED!!! Stop taxing people for it and let them keep their own money and decide for themselves how to use it. Get government out of controlling health care. Get doctors, hospitals, clinics etc to compete. MARKETS WILL WORK WHEN YOU ALLOW THEM TO DO SO. Look at computers, cell phones, TV’s. These markets work because they are not paid for by third parties and they are not regulated to death by government. BTW, the US system IS NOT A FREE MARKET EITHER!!! Health care is the most regulated industry in the US and therefore the most screwed up and costly.

  3. Kartik says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Webber and Dr. Kurisko!

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