Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

A Patient Safety Advocate Talks About the Bureaucracy in His Health Region


Charles Cruden volunteers much of his time to advocating on issues of concern to seniors. He’s deeply concerned about the sustainability of the Canadian health care system. Over the last few years he’s dedicated many hours to compiling publicly available information on administrative costs within his health region in Manitoba. With nearly thirty years of retail management experience, Charles is quick to point out the increasing number of management personnel relative to front line health care providers.

The information raises a number of important questions including: How many health care bureaucrats does it take to run a health region? How does the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority compare to other health regions of similar size? How well do regional health authorities perform when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness?

More information is needed for us to better understand how much our health care bureaucracy is truly costing us as taxpayers. With health care spending now consuming close to half of our provincial budgets it’s time for us to start asking the right questions.

In today’s video clips Charles Cruden talks about the bureaucracy in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in Manitoba.



2 Responses to “A Patient Safety Advocate Talks About the Bureaucracy in His Health Region”
  1. Alice Little says:

    Chuck Cruden’s long experience in the retail business and in the Manitoba Society of Seniors really shines through here. He is very capable at compiling complex statistical information.on spread sheets, and in presenting it. Furthermore, and more importantly, he rises above pettiness and bickering when he is given short shrift. This is an admirable quality. I have listened when he has been ignored or dissed, and he still soldiers on, seeing the big picture., not seeking the limelight, and not at all spiteful. Good work, Chuck!

    Alice Little.

  2. Kartik says:

    Medical Care is an important service but it’s not a right – a right is something that is intrinsic to all humans. Individuals have to take care of their own health and medical care should be competitive.

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