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Year End Site Review 2011


The most frequently accessed information on the site this year indicates a growing interest in the big picture view of Canadian health care. To help us understand this bigger picture we must keep looking at the answers to some important questions.

Why is our current health care system unsustainable? Why do politicians and health care bureaucrats decide what type and quality of medical care patients receive? Why are patients forced to wait on lists for medical care? Why can’t patients spend their own money on medically necessary services? Why don’t we have a health care system that promotes and protects the individual freedoms of patients and doctors? Visit us often for information that will help you find answers to these questions and more.

Your Top Five
Click on the links to view the top posts accessed by our readers in 2011:

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Survey: Long Wait Times in Canadian Health Care
Know the Issues

Online Survey
Our survey Long Wait Times in Canadian Health Care gives patients and caregivers an opportunity to provide feedback on their waiting list experience. Responses show a majority of these patients are waiting from 4-6 months for access to a specialist appointment and from 7-9 months for access to surgery within their home province/territory. Almost half of them have a medical condition that does not fall into any of the five wait time priority areas identified by government. They see system inefficiencies as the number one barrier to accessing health care. The majority of these patients are females, between the ages of 16-64, living in an urban area in the province of Ontario. Please share your waiting list experience with us by taking a few moments to answer the survey.

In recognition of Canadian Patient Safety Week, we posted a number of videos featuring straight talk on Canadian health care from patient safety advocates in Manitoba. Click on the links below to view these great video posts.

Canadian Patient Safety Week: Straight Talk From Patient Safety Advocates Among Us
Patient Safety Advocates Talk About Access to Health Information
A Patient Safety Advocate Talks About Transparency and Accountability in Canadian Health Care
Patient Safety Advocates Talk About the Bureaucracy in Canadian Health Care
A Patient Safety Advocate Talks About the Bureaucracy in His Health Region

Please contact us if you have any suggestions for our website. Thank you for visiting and contributing to the site in 2011. We look forward to hearing from you in 2012.

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