Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Doctors Adverse to Mixed Martial Arts Fights in Canada


Doctors in British Columbia recently passed a resolution at a meeting of their provincial medical association calling for a ban on mixed martial arts fights in Canada. They plan on taking this resolution to the annual general meeting of the Canadian Medical Association later this month. If it’s passed, members will begin lobbying the federal government for a national ban on the full contact combat sport

There is a great deal of irony in doctors proposing a national ban on a sport because of concerns over injuries and safety. Just ask the survivors of life-threatening injuries received in Canadian hospitals. According to The Canadian Adverse Events Study published in 2004, the national rate of adverse events is estimated to be 185,000 in almost 2.5 million annual hospital admissions. Close to 70,000 of these adverse events are preventable with the rate of preventable deaths reaching upwards of 24,000 annually.  

The British Columbia Medical Association could gain more fans by throwing in the towel on its proposed ban against mixed martial arts fights and attending to the safety issues in its own professional arena.


2 Responses to “Doctors Adverse to Mixed Martial Arts Fights in Canada”
  1. Pam Rowe says:

    I totally agree. What is it they say? Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Clean up your own messes first.

  2. Linda says:

    In the Vancouver Sun article you linked to, Marc Ratner (VP/UFC) says “a ban would only drive the sport underground, depriving fighters of the protections provided by sanctioning and regulating the fights” – and he’s absolutely right. Shouldn’t doctors (of all people) know that?? How many medical procedures are and have been “underground” because they’re not legal? Are doctors that clued out to reality? Spot on to what Pam said about glass houses, too.

    I’m going to go see if there’s a petition on http://www.thepetitionsite.com... if not, there should be! :)

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