Saturday, February 17th, 2018

The Canadian Medical Association in partnership with Maclean’s magazine is holding a number of┬ápublic town halls titled “Health Care in Canada: Time to Rebuild Medicare”. The public is invited to attend these events and join some of Canada’s leading health professionals to discuss Canadian health care reform. The first event is scheduled for January 26, […]

Three’s a crowd when government prohibits you from spending your own money on health care. In Canada, our provincial and territorial governments decide which medically necessary services will be paid for and how patients can access them. It’s true that the party paying the bill gets to call the shots. The Saskatchewan government recently contracted […]

Many Canadians have shared their health care stories with us this year. Each of these stories provides valuable insight into the realities facing patients and their families. All of them highlight the need for changes to our health care system. We encourage you to visit the site often to read the latest news, views and […]

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